Beckman Coulter Australia & New Zealand participating in Movember 2015

The hairiest month of the year is here and we’re up and running..

We’re helping increase the awareness of men’s health issues leading to increased funding for research, early diagnosis and treatment methods. In addition, we also hope for education and implementation of personal care of well-being, leading to prevention rather than cure where possible.

The girls are involved too. You don’t have to have a moustache to care about men’s health. Now Mo Sistas can also fundraise for the men in their life by participating in MOVE.

The boys and girls from Beckman Coulter in Australia and New Zealand are together raising funds and awareness for men’s health and helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives. For every dollar we raise, Backman Coulter will match it!

Click to see the development of the boys’ whiskers as Movember progresses…


AMH and Its Significance in Women’s Fertility

Director of Scientific Affairs for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, Sherry Faye, PhD, covers the history of AMH testing and the latest research in its role in ovarian function, predicting fertility and possibly menopause. Additionally, Dr. Faye addresses the various and increasingly important roles for AMH as understanding increases of its importance in women’s health.

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