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Deb Walker
Senior Scientist – Microbiology | RCPAQAP

Deb Walker is a Senior Scientist for the RCPAQAP Microbiology Discipline being employed by RCPAQAP since 2003. Having studied at UTS (Biomedical science) she trained and worked in a large Sydney teaching hospital as a scientist in Microbiology for 17 years and prior to joining RCPAQAP did some contract work in Travel Medicine and was the Health Monitoring Scientist for an AusAID program (Kiritimati Water and Sanitation Project). As a Senior Scientist in the RCPAQAP Microbiology discipline Deb analyses results returned for some of the Programs offered, troubleshoots where possible in report commentary and is responsible for the online data entry result and scoring software design.


Peter Hobbins
Peter Hobbins

Dr Peter Hobbins
Research Associate, Archaeology and History of Quarantine
Department of History | School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

Dr Peter Hobbins is a historian of science and medicine at the University of Sydney. After undertaking an honours degree in pharmacology and working as a professional medical writer for 15 years, he completed his PhD on snakebite and antidote research in colonial Australia. Since 2013 he has been conducting historical and archaeological research into Sydney’s former Quarantine Station, based around the historic carvings left by many of the people detained there from 1835 to its closure in 1984.